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The Friendship

Descendants of First Fleeters
Edward Pugh & Hannah Smith

Brought together by 'Friendship' 

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Picture Gallery

  1. First Fleet and related images

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First Fleet

ship orig
The Friendship

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Churches etc

Pictures of churches, headstones, plaques etc
St Matthews Windsor  

St Matthews, Windsor [taken by member]


Memorial to commemorate the sailing of the First Fleet, Plymouth England [taken by member] 

Inscription reads "Britain and Australia Bonds of Friendship Unveiled by Her Majesty The Queen, 11th July 1980"
and on the back, "This Monument Commemorates the Sailing
from Spithead on the 13 May 1787
of the First Fleet Conveying Settlers to Australia
A Great Nation was Born"


Memorial to Admiral Arthur Phillip in the Abbey in Bath, England [taken by member]

Inscription reads, in part, "To his indomitabale courage prophetic vision forbearance faith inspiration and wisdom
was due the success of the first settlement in Australia at Sydney 26 January 1788".

...more will be added, check back with us!


Picnic day meeting at Kurnell, January 2011

Several photos of the monuments and views around Kurnell. 
Plaque_Forby Sutherland Kurnell_flags banks_stone seat
Monument to Forby Sutherland                               View to the Harbour                      Sir Joseph Banks' Memorial seat

Cook Obelisk - landing Cook landing - obelisk plaque landing account plaque
Obelisk - Cook's landing        Close-up of plaque on obelisk                                      Plaque containing an account of Cook's landing

Street signs in Pemulwuy named after Edward and Hannah

Streetsign_Edward Drstreetsign_Hannah Waystreetsign_Pugh Ave
These photos were taken by members following a meeting at Prospect Reservoir, September 2010.

Kurnell 2012

Meeting January, 2012 at Kurnell


Meeting November, 2012 at Glenbrook