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Edward Pugh & Hannah Smith

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| About Us |

We are a group of family history researchers who are all descendant from Edward Pugh and Hannah Smith (or spouses or friends of descendants). Edward arrived in Australia on the First Fleet ship The Friendship, and Hannah on the Lady Penrhyn (click the menu item above to read more about Edward and Hannah). We found each other mainly through the website and family contacts.

Our first official meeting was held on the Central Coast of New South Wales (Aus) on the 7th August, 2010. It was a small gathering but we elected people to the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Public Officer, and Recorder (in charge of collating and documenting the master Family Tree file and supporting documents). 

By the end of our first financial year we had a total of 31 members. This continues to grow and we are always looking for more members! You do not have to be a direct descendant to obtain membership (See Categories of membership, below).

Aims of our Association

The Descendants of  First Fleeters Edward Pugh and Hannah Smith Association aim to research, collate and share ancestry research regarding this First Fleeter couple, with the ultimate goal of constructing a complete and accurate Family Tree of all of their descendants. Related to this is our aim to find and correct instances of misinformation and errors on this family line, particularly those published in online resources.

Current Office Bearers (next election due August 2016)

President: Fred Burns.

Vice President: Ann Keating.

Secretary: Colleen Moss.

Assistant Secretary: Carmen Atkinson.

Treasurer: Heather Brownett.

Assistant Treasurer: Valerie Williams.

Recorder: Wendy O’Keefe.

Webmaster: Carmen Atkinson.

| How To Join |

Please email our Secretary at to obtain further information and a membership application form. Alternatively, fill out the Contact form here and our Secretary will respond to your enquiry.

Categories of membership and yearly membership fees

Membership terms run to the financial year (July-June). Any person who joins and pays their membership fee for the first time in April, May or June of any year will have their membership considered current for the following financial year. We currently have three membership categories:

Category Eligiblity Fee
Full Member (FM) Any person who can demonstrate that they are directly descendant from Edward Pugh and Hannah Smith, and can provide a list of lineage to that effect. $10 per year
Associate Member (AM) Any person who is a spouse of a Full Member or other family member of a Full Member e.g. a step-child who is not biologically descendant from Edward and Hannah. $5 per year
Friend Any person who is interested in First Fleeters, family history research etc, who does not meet the criteria of either FM or AM. $5 per year