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Edward Pugh & Hannah Smith

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Edward and Hannah had five children:

1. Edward Pugh (b. 1760? d. 1837)
   spouse: Hannah Smith (b. 1758? m. 1788 d. 1826)
    2. David born 1789 at Sydney Cove.
    2. Simon born 1791 at Parramatta.

    2. Edward born 1794 at Prospect Hill.
    2. Harriet born 1796 at Prospect Hill.
    2. Charlotte born 1799 at Parramatta.
Our members currently descend from their two daughters, Harriet and Charlotte, and son Simon.

NEW NOVEMBER 2014: The first two generations (A and B) of our family tree can be found here (.pdf). Thanks to our recorder Wendy for her work in collating this information.
Please contact us if you have any questions or comments on these generations. Our Association members are currently working on the next generations.
These will be published when the Association Executive are satisfied that all information is correct and verified to the best of our ability and available resources,
with respect to the BDM limits (e.g., births are only published if more than 99 years ago. No generations containing living persons will be published).

 Harriet (Gen 2, b. 1796 Parramatta, d. 1883 Gosford)

We have a letter written by Harriet (or scribed for her) to her daughter Elizabeth (Betty) in New Zealand in 1869; an excerpt can be found here. 


Cooranbong Cemetery where Harriet is buried


Elizabeth (Betty; Gen 3, b. 1814 Parramatta, d. 1870 NZ)

Betty (Harriet's daughter) had a very interesting life and our member Val Williams has written a biography of her, including the famous incident in New Zealand when she and two of her children were held by Maori tribespeople for some time before being rescued by her husband and soldiers on board the British man of war HMS Alligator, provided by the NSW government. Read more here.